Rock-a-bye Baby

Learn about rocks and minerals!

  • Lights Up
  • Talks
  • Teaches Children about Rocks and Minerals
  • Great Educational Tool to Engage Students in the Learning Process
  • Each Individual Rock or Mineral will have its Own Color and Name


Design Patent #D822,771

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Keven L. Amburgey and Jessica R. Amburgey of Mallie, KY have created an educational doll designed to teach children about rocks and minerals.

In high school biology, Jessica was learning about inherited genes and traits. As a class project, Keven helped her design a rock baby showing some of these characteristics. This proved to be a much better way to learn, as opposed to simply trying to retain information from school books and papers. Now, over ten years later, they are bringing their design to life with Rock-a-bye Baby!

At the press of a button, this unique doll will light up and speak to teach kids about rocks and minerals. This will be a great educational tool to engage students in the learning process. The color of the doll and the baby name will coincide with the type of rock, stone, or mineral.

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