RiffRaxx Stage Stands

A modular stand for musical performance equipment.

  • Upper Panel with Expandable Wings to Accommodate Effects and Wireless Units
  • Amp and Outboard Gear Controls Illuminated by LED Bars
  • Onboard A/C Multi-Outlets and Built-In Mic Clip for Easy, Non-Cluttered System Hookup
  • Vibration-Absorbing Upper and Lower Panels Protect Delicate Electronic Circuitry
  • Locking Casters Provide Easy Mobility When Necessary


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael H. Jones of Bryson City, NC has created a modular stand for musical performance equipment.

\n\nAs a professional musician and vocalist for over 50 years, Michael knows stage performing. He wanted an easy to assemble stand for his amp and component gear that had all the features necessary for quick setup and system connection. In turn, he was inspired to develop the RiffRaxx Stage Stands!

\n\nDark stages can be challenging for seeing control panels, and Michael knew LEDs would solve that problem. The stand is adjustable in height and width, so he can use either his Fender Twin combo or his Marshall half-stack. Onboard A/C multi-outlets and a built-in mic clip make for easy, non-cluttered system hookup. Vibration-absorbing upper and lower panels protect delicate electronic circuitry, while locking casters provide easy mobility when necessary. Michael envisions auditoriums and concert halls using several units. Concerts featuring multiple acts can then be pre-loaded and ready to roll out for quick backline changes, easy positioning, and less shuffling heavy gear around in between acts. The stage stands will be very attractive and will add to the backline appearance of any act.

\n\nWant to learn more about the RiffRaxx Stage Stands? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


  1. Jim Sayre

    As a musician and someone who plays gigs this is a great idea and would be very convenient for Stage-setup and over all stage performance. I love the built in mic clip as well as the A/C outlets because I myself definitely hate the clutter especially when the shows over and it’s time to pack it up so that’s a huge plus. The Led lights are awesome because it can be a pain when you’re in the dark trying to read the Control Panel not to mention it would just make it look better sitting on stage when it’s dark. I also Love the fact that it’s a one size fits all and you can easily break It down and put it in its road bag for travel that’s a big thing in itself. Overall I think as a musician this would be a great investment

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