Rescue Rig

A lifesaving new innovation for rescuing a man down.

  • Deploys in Seconds
  • Easy to Use
  • For Single Person Rescue or Team Rescue
  • Allows Rescuer to Walk Forward to Avoid Hazards
  • Rescue Anyone, Regardless of Size


Utility Patent - 11,497,947

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Roman Kushniruk and Kim Webber of Canada have created a lifesaving innovation for rescuing a man down.

In the oil and gas industry, if a worker is knocked down on site and becomes unconscious, it is extremely difficult to rescue them using the current method of a collar drag. A collar drag is when the rescuer has to roll up the collar of the coveralls and then attempt to drag out the unconscious worker. This is very difficult and becomes almost impossible if the rescuer is smaller than the unconscious person. Most often, the rescuer is wearing a form of respiratory protection such as an SCBA. This means the rescuer must then put their life at risk or be forced to watch the worker die. Roman and Kim just knew there had to be another option. In turn, they developed the Rescue Rig!

Now, an unconscious worker can easily be evacuated by a single person or a team of 2, 3, or even 4 rescuers. The rig is easily deployed by securing the device around the torso of the unconscious person in such a way that protects their head and neck. The rescuer will then use the sling and simply walk out facing forward. This allows the rescuer to avoid dangerous situations or terrains, even stairs! The sling does not require extreme hand or body strength to perform a rescue. Even if it is a smaller rescuer, they will still be able to rescue a bigger man down. This economical and compact device will be available right next to your existing emergency response equipment.

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