Relief Everywhere

Relief Everywhere is a pre-packaged, perfectly measured, disposable cartridge to feed liquid medication directly to users.

  • Provides for Individual Dosages
  • Uses A Syringe-Like Dispenser
  • Twist-Off Cover
  • Compact and Ideal for Travel
  • Especially Great for Children and the Elderly


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Levi Tauber of Spring Valley, NY has created a pre-packaged perfectly measured cartridge to feed liquid medication directly to users.

Whether prescription or over-the-counter, liquid medications are usually poured from a bottle into a spoon for ingestion. While its not a huge issue at home, taking these medications while at work or while traveling proves more difficult. Many people also find it tough to judge a full teaspoon or tablespoon and will tend to under-fill the spoon resulting in an inadequate dosage. In addition, young children, the elderly, or the disabled may have physical limitations which prevent them from getting a full spoonful of liquid medication into their mouth without spilling it.

The idea for this product was born while on a road trip with his kids. One had a fever and since they were traveling, Inventor Tauber wished there was a way to feed the liquid medication in a clean, easy-to-use way, with no measuring required. In turn, Inventor Tauber created Relief Everywhere!

This clever new invention consists of a syringe-like dispenser with a twist-off cover. The body of the syringe contains one dosage of liquid medication that is taken orally. It is compact and ideal for travel. Its especially great for children and the elderly. Not only is Relief Everywhere quick, easy, and effective, but its safe and accurate as well. Want to learn more? Contact us NOW!


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