Release Finder

A bow release and compact rangefinder combined into one handheld package!

  • Minimizes Movement
  • Increases Accuracy
  • Improves Shooting Technique
  • Saves Time
  • Perfect For Hunting or Target Practice


Utility Patent - 11,346,637

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brandon D. Steinmetz of Williston, ND has combined a bow release and compact rangefinder into one handheld package so you will always have what you need at your fingertips!

Brandon is an avid outdoorsman. When he isnt outside hunting, he is practicing his technique with his bow and honing his skill. In the evenings, he enjoys watching hunting shows. Time after time, he would see hunters reach for their ranger finders before taking their shot at an animal. A range finder is a separate component which must be carried and results in fumbling during times when speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance. Sure enough, as Brandon watched, this extra movement would always scare animals away. He thought to himself, Why not have a rangefinder in the release, since it is already in your hand? With this concept in mind, he was inspired to develop the Release Finder!

The invention combines the functionality of a bow release with that of an optical range finder. It minimizes movement, saves you time, and makes you more efficient and successful. While a must-have for hunting, the invention will also be helpful during target practice.

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