Razor with Rotatable Blade Head

An innovative new disposable razor with a five-blade replacement system.

  • 5x the Power
  • Allows for Blade Replacement with a Simple Turn of a Knob
  • Ensures a Sharp Blade is Always Available
  • Permits Blade to Be Replaced Quickly; Even in the Middle of a Shave
  • Great for Both Men and Women


Utility Patent #10,882,200

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Shabel of Oceanside, NY has created a disposable razor with an integrated five-blade replacement system for 5x the power!

Disposable razors suffer from dull blades at the most inopportune times. Not only are dull blades frustrating, they can also lead to a somewhat painful shave with less than optimum results. Inventor Shabel just knew there had to be a better disposable razor option. He also knew that while some razors on the market are advertised as having five blades, only the first blade really works. In turn, he developed the Razor with Rotatable Blade Head!

His clever new invention features a clockwise rotating spin head, where the primary focus centers on the razor blade that is in use. Once that blade has run its course, the next blade in the five-blade cartridge rotation can be utilized to ensure a quality shave every time!

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Additional Information

On traditional razor, only one is working.


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