Raw Raw Spinning Toy

An innovative new spinning toy.

  • Unique and Eye-Catching
  • Activated by Pull String
  • Various Colors Possible
  • Option for Lights and Music
  • Great Gift Idea


Utility Patent #10,870,063

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor George Alexis of Brooklyn, NY has created a unique and eye-catching new spinning toy.

These days, children cant seem to pull themselves away from video games, television, and social media. Toys just arent holding their attention like they used to, and so, George was inspired to try something new. He began thinking about the spinning mango seed toy he used to make as a child. He thought he could develop it further and add some extra features to make it even more flashy. Now, his Raw Raw Spinning Toy is ready for market!

A user will first place the toy in his or her hand. With their other hand, they will pull the toys string. As the string is pulled, the wings on top of the toy will spin until the user releases the string. Lights and music can be incorporated to give the product more of a wow factor.

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