Ratchet Strap Buddy

A protective bag for storing a rolled-up ratchet strap device.

  • Protective Cinch Bag
  • Smart Storage for Straps That Are Not Being Used
  • Can Also Hold Loose Strap While Ratchet Strap is in Use
  • Keeps Excess Strap from Flapping Around During Transport
  • Prevents Strap from Dragging on the Pavement


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tyler Denman of Robstown, TX has created a protective bag for storing a rolled-up ratchet strap device.

Ratchet clamp down straps for moving and securing objects are indispensable when compared to using regular rope. However, as useful as these ratchet straps are, the excess strap material is difficult to restrain during transport. Should the strap material be left to fly around, it can easily become damaged by flapping in the wind or dragging on the pavement. It could even be completely cut off should the wheels of the vehicle run over it. As a frequent ratchet strap user, Tyler was well aware of these issues. As an engineer with a lot of creativity, he just knew there had to be a better way. The Ratchet Strap Buddy is his solution.

But how does it work? The bag stores a rolled-up ratchet strap device and cinches closed to protect it. The bag can be stored anywhere without the ratchet strap coming unraveled and getting damaged or damaging the vehicle itself. Once the ratchet strap device is needed, a user will simply remove it from the bag and use it to tighten down the load or object. Any excess strap can be rolled up and stored in the bag and cinched down to prevent it from flying loose while traveling down the road with a secured load. Thanks to a uniquely designed flap with integrated magnets, the bag with the excess strap can then be stored with the in-use portion of the strap, or on any magnetized surface like a truck bed, toolbox, or trailer.

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