Rapid Strap Roller

Wrap your strap in Noe time!

  • Saves Time During the Loading and Unloading Process
  • Ensures Proper Tensioning for Storage
  • Can Be Used on Any Kind of Strap
  • Less Strenuous on the Hands, Forearms, and Biceps
  • Also Great for Rolling Frozen Straps
  • Attachment to Accommodate Users with Smaller Hands Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frank Noe of Oregon City, OR has created a new and improved load strap winding system.

As a flat-bed truck driver with a crane, Frank loves everything about his job except rolling straps. After all, there can be up to 30 straps on a load. He tried other cranking systems on the market, but they were time-consuming and did not work the way he wanted them to. In turn, Frank was inspired to develop the Rapid Strap Roller! Now, he can unstrap a load and get the straps out of his way quickly and without arm cramps.

The invention aids in the winding of cargo straps used on flat-bed trailers of tractor-trailer rigs. It consists of a tuning fork-shaped tool handle and interfaces to a cordless drill. With the tool and drill in place, a user will now be able to wind-up straps for storage faster than ever before! The invention can be used on straps of varying sizes from 20 to 50 feet in length. Not only will this save time, it will be less strenuous on the hands, forearms, and biceps. The tool also works great for rolling frozen straps.

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