Rake Head

The solution to the present-day bunker rake problem.

  • Can Be Used to Prepare a Surface for Stance and Golf Ball Placement
  • Stops Ball In-Play Interference
  • Helps Prevent Transmitted Illnesses
  • Facilitates With Course Maintenance
  • Provides For Uninterrupted Mowing and Obstruction-Free Bunker Preparation
  • Can Be Used by Hand or Slipped Over the End of a Grip


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tim Talaga of DeKalb, IL has created a personal sand trap rake.

Needed since the beginning of golf, the Rake Head became even more essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Courses no longer provided bunker rakes that everyone touched. Tim knew his invention was crucial in the effort to help prevent transmitted illnesses.

In a broader sense, the invention is also the solution to the present-day bunker rake problem. It can be used to prepare a surface for stance and golf ball placement. Have it with you where and when you need it. Stop ball in-play interference. It facilitates with course maintenance and provides for uninterrupted mowing and obstruction-free bunker preparation. It can be used by hand or slipped over the end of a grip. Bringing it along on your golf game will be no hassle it fits in your golf bag and back pocket!

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