Raising the Roof Sleeper

A pop-up living area for the top of tractor-trailer trucks.

  • Positioned Over the Cab and Hood of the Truck
  • Provides All Needed Amenities for Sleeping, Eating, and Relaxing
  • Does Not Take Away Cargo Space
  • Must-Have for Long-Distance Cross-Country Truck Drivers
  • Cuts Cost of Motels


Utility Patent - 11,458,880

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jimmie Hunter of Tulsa, OK has created a pop-up area for the top of a tractor-trailer or pickup truck.

As the owner of a trucking company, Jimmie knew some trucks and trailers cannot operate with the usual sleeper set up. This is because it takes away cargo space. And so, this was a problem Jimmie wanted to address. He knew it would make a world of difference for long-distance cross-country truck drivers. The Raising the Roof Sleeper is his solution.

But how does it work? When the truck is parked, a system raises the roof of the enclosure to accommodate the full height of a user. The area provides multiple windows, a full-size bed, a refrigerator, stove, oven, and sink. Also, a self-contained toilet. Lighting, a heater, and air conditioning are also provided - among other amenities. An emergency egress panel has been included for safety. Positioning the sleeper above the cab and over the hood offers improved living quarters, without taking away valuable cargo space! It also cuts the cost of having to stay in motels.

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