Raise Wright

A drive-through kiosk with a hydraulic lifting mechanism.

  • Designed to Work with ATMs and Various Drive-Up Windows
  • Adjusts for Vehicles of Varying Heights
  • Easily Accommodates High Profile Vehicles Such as Pickup Trucks and SUVs
  • Still Provides Easy Access for Conventional Sedans and Low-Profile Cars
  • Greatly Improves Comfort and Safety


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tami Wright of Warren, OH has developed a drive-through kiosk with a hydraulic lifting mechanism.

Like many, Tami found using ATMs a challenge, especially for those with disabilities or people driving large vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Motivated by her experience and the difficulties faced by others, she was inspired to create Raise Wright!

Nowadays, more people are choosing large vehicles for their versatility and comfort, but their height makes it hard to use drive-up services designed for lower cars. This often means drivers must stretch awkwardly. Sometimes they cannot use these services at all.

Raise Wright changes that. The invention makes accessing ATMs and drive-through kiosks simple and comfortable for everyone, ensuring nobody has to struggle at the ATM or drive-through window again.

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