Qwik Bags

Bag changes have never been easier!

  • - Next Item Pops Up Already Opened
  • - Saves Time and Frustration
  • - Perfect for Bags That Are Changed Frequently
  • - Ideal for Trash Can Liners, Disposable Gloves, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph Christian Wood of Macon, GA has created a system and method by which multiple trash can liners, or similar items, can be packaged and easily dispensed.

Years ago, while working in a grocery store deli, Joseph would have to change disposable gloves each time he switched from one item to another. The gloves were a hassle, especially when there was a line of customers. Later, when he moved to the produce section of the store, he experienced a similar annoyance with the rolls of produce bags. It was then he was inspired by the idea of tissues. Each time you pull one out, the next one is ready to be used. This is accomplished by folding the tissues in a clever way. Joseph wondered if something similar could be done for disposable bags. After devising a prototype, he realized he was onto something. Now, Qwik Bags, has been developed further and is ready for market!

Bags tend to stick together in their original packaging, causing you to pull out more than you need, then requiring you to stuff the extra back into the package. Once one bag has been successfully removed, it seems to stick to itself and is difficult to open. Now, Quick Bags keeps a bag inside the opening of the next bag then gives all the bags a zig-zag fold. This makes the bags easy to separate and pop out of the packaging already opened. How easy! This will be a game-changer for items like trash can liners and disposable gloves.

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Working prototype available upon request.


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