Quiescent and Quiescent-V

The first and only topical anti-spasmodic agent for pain relief.

  • Pain relief from muscle spasm
  • Works in minutes
  • Topical Application
  • No side effects like drowsiness, associated with oral medication
  • Maintain your busy life style
  • Consistent results


Patent No. 8,853,189 B2 (US patent granted in 2014; WO patent being prosecuted)

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Mandar Shah and Priti S. Shah have created the first and only topical anti-spasmodic drug.

This was an accidental discovery! Inventors Shah realized that although BENGAY worked, it could be irritating to the skin. In turn, they decided to dilute BENGAY with moisturizing lotion and water. However, this mixture would grow fungus. Mandar Shah then experimented with the addition of a preservative. Since he did not have a weighing balance at home, he ended up adding too much. He applied the diluted mixture with excess preservative anyway and Priti discovered muscle relaxation properties of the preservative. Significant muscle relaxation with relief from pain occurred in a matter of minutes! It was all due to the preservative, hexandiol (HD). To test this further, he added HD to moisturizing lotion and the same muscle relaxation could be felt. Inventors Shah then purchased a small balance and tried different concentrations of HD to identify the right amount for muscle relaxant activity of a known preservative and searched the safety profile for HD. These steps led to the creation of Quiescent and Quiescent-V. As an occupational therapist, Priti Shah has used it on patients with their consent and confirmed the effect. Mandar uses it too and results are consistent!

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