Quick Torque Ratchet

Provides an extra level of power and torque when using a ratchet wrench.

  • Loosens Stuck Bolts with Ease
  • Multiple Length Extensions
  • Ball Shaped Handle, Bell Shaped Handle, or Fluted End Handle
  • Simple to Install and Remove
  • Strong and Durable


Design Patent #s D859,107, D859,106 and D859,105

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Keith Yochum of Cutlerville, MI has developed three modified handles that provide an extra level of power and torque when using a ratchet wrench.

Rusty nuts and bolts are a daily issue. As a mechanic, Yochum realized the struggle and knew there had to be a better way to deal with them. His first improvement was simply sliding a socket with extension onto a ratchet handle to break rusty nuts and bolts loose, before using the ratchet normally again. Later, he welded a socket onto the handle and added an extension when required. It made him wonder why ratchets didnt come with an extension receptacle right from the manufacturer. In turn, he took matters into his own hands and created the Quick Torque Ratchet!

This clever new invention is a modification to a standard ratchet wrench allowing it to receive a conventional ratchet extension in order to provide increased leverage and power. The bottom of the handle can be provided with a ball shape, a bell shape, or a fluted end, depending on a users preference. Should extra torque or leverage be required, the user simply slips an extension of the appropriate length into the end opening to instantly increase the torque. Once loosened, the extension is simply removed, allowing the invention to return to normal use as a ratchet.

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