Putupa Shelf

A shelf for everyone\'s needs!

  • Self-Installed Shelf on Mounting Brackets
  • Locks in the Closed Position
  • Stays Shut in Transit
  • Removable With No Holes or Scars Left Behind
  • Great For Your Home, RV, Apartment, Office, Garage, Dorm, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dennis Morin and Victoria Morin of Ocklawaha, FL have created a DIY shelf on mounting brackets for use anywhere from the home to your RV!

The idea was born out of the desire to transfer items in and out of their RV through a window to save steps. Dennis and Victoria needed a shelf that could be mounted to the outside of their RV and underneath a window. Objects could be set on a shelf like this to allow either side the convenience of taking items at will. No longer would items have to be passed hand to hand. No more climbing in and out of the RV with forgotten items in hand either. However, they knew installing a permanent shelf was not always an option. Especially at a rental property. In turn, they were inspired to develop Putupa Shelf!

Now you can mount a shelf to any flat surface using double-sided adhesive. You will then simply raise the shelf and lock the support arms into place. The shelf will be great for your RV! Place it outside a window to make passing picnic items in and out a breeze. When it is closed, it becomes flush to the RV and safe for travel. The shelf will also be great for your home, garage, office, dorm, or apartment -- anywhere you cannot put up a permanent shelf. After use, it is easily removed, leaving no holes or scars behind.

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