Putty Buddy

An innovative new multi-functional drywall tool!

  • Fits on Any Putty Knife
  • Allows Users to Apply Incredible Torque to Stubborn Screws
  • Perfect Size and Shape to Push in Protruding Paper
  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent - 11,787,031

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lloyd D.J. Cutting of Canada has created an innovative new multi-functional drywall tool.

In the drywall finishing industry, workers are constantly dealing with screws that stick out too far to fill or missed screw holes with protruding paper. Inventor Cutting and his workers would frequently find themselves having to stop and flip back-and-forth between their tools to attend to these issues. With all this wasted time, he just knew there had to be a better way. After attempting to work with other tools that broke the very first day, it was clear that any tool he created needed to be extremely well-made. This led to the creation of the Putty Buddy!

With this clever new invention, one drywall tool can now perform the duties of multiple tools! Users will place the invention on the handle of their favorite putty knife and begin filling in screw holes and blemishes. Whenever they come across a loose or protruding screw or paper, in one smooth continuous motion they will be able to apply incredible torque to the stubborn screw or push in the paper. All of this can be done without stopping or changing hands. What a time-saver!

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Additional Information

The Putty Buddy is a big time saver & saves frustration. This is the solution that painters are demanding to see on the market. Screw pops and protruding paper happen constantly during a job, and they take up unnecessary time. This tool eliminates that frustration associated with these common issues. Not owning the Putty Buddy is needlessly limiting or handicapping yourself!
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