Purse Pal

End the clutter and easily organize items in your purse or tote bag using the Purse Pal as a receptacle!

  • Compartment Dividers
  • Improves Organization
  • Small Integrated LED Light
  • Power Bank for On-The-Go Charging
  • Easy to Switch from Purse to Purse


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Emily Haven of Dedham, MA has created a purse caddy with a removable purse insert, lighting system, and a recharging system.

As a busy mom on-the-go, Emily chooses to carry a shoulder bag as her purse, which has room for lots of items. She likes to be prepared, so her purse is always filled with everything from eyeglasses to Band-Aids. However, with all the items jostling around in the bottom of her bag, it became very difficult to reach in and find what she needed at the time. She would try organizing her purse on many occasions, even placing items into multiple plastic bags to keep them separate, but without a receptacle in which to neatly place things, her purse would become cluttered again in no time! Emily just knew there had to be a better way. The Purse Pal is her solution to this problem.

The invention features a removable purse insert, a lighting system, and a recharging system. Now you can end the clutter and easily organize all your essential items in your purse or tote bag using this product as a receptacle. Compartment dividers help keep your things organized, close at hand, and easy to find. In low lighting conditions, the caddy will illuminate the contents of your purse and organizer. Easily spot your lipstick or keys with the small integrated LED light. Plug your cell phone into the power bank for on-the-go charging and never worry about a dead battery again! If you need to switch to a different purse, simply remove the caddy and insert it into your new handbag. Your organization remains in place!

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