Pump Comfort Travel Pillow

An innovative new travel pillow that supports both the neck and lumbar region of the back.

  • - Easy to Use
  • - Adjustable for One’s Individual Body Shape and Comfort Requirements
  • - Collapsible to Fit into a Small Travel Pouch
  • - No Battery or Electronic Parts for Operation
  • - Easily Adaptable to Uses Other than Airline Travel
  • (Cars, Buses, In the Office, At Home)


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ron Fogel of Geneva, IL has created a new inflatable pillow to support both the neck and lumbar during travel.

Having traveled for work since 2003, Ron found it extremely difficult and uncomfortable to sleep on an airplane. As a business traveler, he was often misplacing his foam pillow, or deciding it was too bulky to travel with all the time. In addition, to prevent his head from tilting and nodding forward, he often tried scooching forward in his seat, but this would leave a large void between the seat nook and his back, resulting in back discomfort. This made him think an inflatable pillow may be a better solution. Using parts of his wife's blood pressure cuff, Ron built a small prototype pillow. By using parts from two kits, he was able to build a prototype with two pillows (one for the neck and one for the lower back) with a valve for each pillow and a common pump bulb. After trying this pillow on several flights and long car trips, he felt the benefits of this product surpassed that of commercially available products. Since testing the prototype pillow, Rons Pump Comfort Travel Pillow has been developed further and is now ready for market!

The pillow is simply inflated to suit your individual body shape and comfort requirements. When you arrive at your destination, it is fully collapsible and will fit into a sleek travel pouch until needed again. The invention will be ideal for airline travel, or car and bus rides. It will even find use in the home or office.

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