Privacy Screen

Effectively marks your space and lets you relax as you social distance from the public.

  • Portable Privacy Partition for Use at a Public Beach or Other Outdoor Areas
  • Creates a Well-Defined and Generously Sized Personal Space for Health-Conscious Social Distancing
  • Mesh Material Allows Wind to Blow Through but Stops Sand Particles from Entering
  • Easy to Spot
  • Lightweight, Transportable, Requires Little Instruction


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James Lewchuk of Palm Harbor, FL has created a portable and easily noticeable privacy partition for use at a public beach or other outdoor areas.

While spending the day at a crowded beach, James and his family would have sand kicked on them as beachgoers walked by, or they would have to deal with people placing their belongings too close to them. These distractions made it impossible to relax. His kids would then wander down the beach and be unable to find their way back. James wished they had a way to mark their own, temporary, and recognizable real estate without having to drag around a large, heavy tent. It would have to be something that would stop the sand, but not catch the wind. When the COVID-19 crisis happened, it was clear a solution to social distancing was also needed. In turn, James was inspired to develop the Privacy Screen!

The invention effectively marks your space and lets you relax as you social distance from the public. Not only will it give you privacy, being able to distance yourself will protect you and your family from exposure to infectious airborne diseases, which everyone knows is so important right now. Mesh material allows the wind to blow through easily but stops sand particles from entering. Because you can also place a franchise logo or flags on it, you will always know where your own space is even from the ocean or when you are further away! The screen is lightweight, easy to transport, and requires little instruction.

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Additional Information

As Social Distancing at All Beaches is Here to Stay, the Privacy Screen Instantly Solves the Challenge:


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