Prescription Helmet Shield

A prescription visor for a helmet.

  • - Protective Visor with Integral Prescriptive Lens
  • - No Glasses, Goggles, or Contacts Needed
  • - Won’t Fog Up
  • - Must-Have for All Football Players Who Need Corrective Eyewear
  • - Also Ideal for Hockey, Welding, Scuba Diving, Skiing, and More


Design Patent - D940,874

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kendrick Edwards of Fort Lauderdale, FL has designed a prescription visor for a helmet.

When his son was about 4 years old, he wanted to play flag football. He needed to wear prescription goggles in order to participate. However, once the prescription goggles came in, his son refused to wear them in fear the kids would tease him. Kendrick just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he was inspired to create the Prescription Helmet Shield!

Not only will it provide superior physical protection, it will help a player see without them having to wear glasses, goggles, or contact lenses. The visor would be produced with a prescription as determined by the ophthalmologist of a player. It would then be fastened to the inside of a helmet, just like other visors. However, now, the player will have a clear view of the field. No longer will they have to deal with wearing foggy prescription goggles or losing their contact lenses. They can just focus on the competition! This will be ideal for all players: from pee wee football to the NFL! It can also be used for hockey, welding, scuba diving, skiing, and more.

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  1. Ray W

    Need visor


    no review as of yet becase im contating to purchase a visor for my sone for football. The visor looks like it would be a great way for him to be able to see while playing football.

  3. Leota

    Sounds like a wonderful invention. I was going to see if a normal eyeglass place could make me one and found your site.

  4. בן ציון לוי

    Very interesting great idea

  5. paul


  6. Pierce Wilkinson

    I got a question when put your prescription in the little circle holes do they blend in with the rest of the virso

  7. Rick eshlaman

    Looks like a good idea? How much

  8. Terrell Davis

    interested in one

  9. Luke Alnemri

    I play football and I have very poor vision these will improve my profomence i would like to purchase one of these fine visors

  10. Sharonda L Mitchell

    I need to purchase a Rx visor for my son

    • rmartin

      This product is currently in development and not available for purchase but we will let you know once it becomes available!

      Thank you,


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