PP Trainer

The PP Trainer is a new toilet training aid that will fascinate boys for quicker potty training.

  • Toilet Training Target System
  • Motivates and Trains Young Boys
  • For Use When Transitioning from Diapers to Toilet
  • Variety of Shapes and Movable Surfaces
  • Colors Change with Heat from One’s Urine


Utility Patent #10,779,694

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor H. Walker of Jersey City, NJ has created a clever new toilet training aid that will fascinate boys for quicker potty training.

Wanting to make a lasting and beneficial impression in life, Inventor Walker was inspired to create this product after a conversation with a friend. They were talking about potty training and the friend was telling him how they would throw Cheerios in the toilet bowl for their sons to aim at while urinating. This caught their interest and made them cooperate during the toilet training process. The conversation ultimately led to Inventor Walkers creation of the PP Trainer!

The invention is a toilet training target system. It is for use when transitioning from diapers to the toilet. It features a variety of shapes and movable surfaces to increase a young childs creativity and motivation to use the toilet. The spinning blocks could even be customized with a childs initials. The device will even change colors with the heat from ones urine!

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