Power to the Purse

Secures purses against theft.

  • Made of a Cut-Resistant Material
  • Fingerprint or Keypad Required for Access into the Purse
  • Electronic Buckles Hold Purse Securely in Place Until Unlocked
  • Motion Sensor and Alarm
  • Built-In GPS


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Robert E. Anderson, Jr. and Kristy Anderson of Las Vegas, NV have created a purse with enhanced security features.

Purse snatching is a sad reality. When a purse is stored in a locker, cabinet, or drawer, it is fair game for thieves. However, even a purse at home can be stolen by friends or other houseguests. A purse is a goldmine for a thief. Not only does a purse contain money and credit cards, but also identification cards, licenses, a phone, and more. Robert and Kristy just knew there had to be a way to keep purses more secure. In turn, they were inspired to develop Power to the Purse!

The invention is a stylish bag with security features. When locked, it requires a fingerprint or keypad to control access to the interior. Electronic buckles hold the purse securely in place until you unlock them with the same smart tech. Made of a cut-resistant material, it has its own motion sensor and alarm to deter thieves and snoops. Plus, a built-in GPS makes it easy to track the purse if it is misplaced or stolen.

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