Power Bars

New bicycle handlebars for improved aerodynamic performance!

  • For Use on Commuter Bikes, Cross Bikes, Mountain Bikes
  • Allows a Cyclist to Move their Arms and Shoulders Closer Inward to the Main Vertical Axis of the Bicycle
  • Decreases Wind Resistance
  • Faster and Safer Speeds
  • Reduced Energy Output


Utility Patent #10,583,889

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frank G. Sanchez of Albuquerque, NM has created a new add-on handlebar option for cyclers. The invention is already attracting attention from interested racers looking to improve their aerodynamic performance!

As a local road racer for over 40 years, Frank knows cycling! After getting to cat. 3 and winning a New Mexico state gold medal in his age category, he retired from racing. However, Franks passion for cycling remains as strong as ever. He is always looking for ways to improve the sport. One day, he began considering how regular road handlebars place a riders hands in a position that is not conducive to power. He just knew there had to be a way to increase the aerodynamic properties of a rider. In turn, he developed the Power Bars!

The invention comprises a pair of auxiliary handlebars that can be secured beneath the existing handlebar of a racer or commuter bicycle. The bars drop down approximately 6 inches and extend outward approximately 4-6 inches. This allows a cyclist to move their arms and shoulders closer inward to the main vertical axis of the bicycle, thus presenting a lower aerodynamic profile. This decreases wind resistance and allows the bicycle to gain speed quickly, safely, and efficiently, like turbo power. The bars can be adjusted to fit a riders sizing needs.

The Power Bars have been successfully tested and now they are ready to take the cycling world by storm! Ready to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!

Additional Information

Product is not only for race bikes and can also be used for cross bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes. These bars will take the cycling world by storm in comfort, speed, and watt output. There is a system as to how to use them. Installed and while riding, there is a proper rhythm to them: left hand pulls left power bar as left leg presses down on left peddle, then right hand pulls right power bar at the same time right leg presses down on right peddle, etc. Rider repeats this rhythm as long as they want. Power Bars allow the bicycle to gain speed quickly, safely in control, and efficiently like turbo power. They are also adjustable to fit rider's sizing needs. These are not made for long miles, but rather more like a passing gear. Trained riders could utilize them for 20 miles in an aero position.


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