Post Puller Attachment

A clever new post pulling device.

  • Safe for Ground Worker
  • Efficient for Operator
  • Easier for One or Two Man Operations
  • Saves Time
  • No Need to Buy a Whole New Machine
  • Strong and Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesse Miller of Lacombe, AB has created a clever new post pulling device.

The idea for this attachment was born while working on the farm. Inventor Miller had to pull posts but didnt like the idea of using a chain like most farmers do. This is because many farmers can actually lose their fingers or toes pulling posts when using just a chain. If there was a second worker on the ground, he knew they could safely guide the device over the post by using the handle. This would keep them out of harms way.

With the Post Puller Attachment, users wont have to release the post. The operator can do so by tilting the bucket. This increases safety and efficiency. Now a worker can pull posts without wasting the time getting in and out of the cab of a tractor/loader. The attachment can be used on any piece of equipment so you wont have to buy special machinery just add the attachment!

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