Post Frame Footings

A footing assembly for a vertical post in post-frame construction.

  • 4-Way Adjustment for Easy Installation
  • Creates Uplift
  • Optional Height Adjustment
  • Lightweight Yet Durable
  • Must-Have for Windy Areas


Utility Patent #9,347,196

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bennie Ray Wagler of Montgomery, IN has created a product that allows for proper locating of a vertical post within a footing hole, while also providing a footing assembly that supports three-axis loading once installed.

One afternoon while moving a small storage barn to a new location, Wagler began thinking of ways to sturdy the barn. In his area, its quite windy and gusts can blow things away, causing major damage. While thinking of ways to overcome this problem, he came across a product consisting of a base plate and U-bracket that could be glued to schedule 40 PVC pipe. At this time, he was working in post frame construction and knew the difficulties of wood posts in wet climates and in large winds. A light sparked in his mind if only he had something like this for post frame buildings! In turn, he created the Post Frame Footings!

This clever new invention features 4-way adjustment at the base for easy installation. A user can now position the vertical post at the desired location and still have uplift once backfilled with the ground. Optional height adjustment adds to the ease of installation. A separate wood post bracket allows a user to mount the bracket to the post and install it to the already buried Post Frame Footings. In windy areas, this will be a must-have! The invention has been created lightweight yet durable, so anyone can install it on their own.

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