Portable Spa for One

A personal steam sauna for home use.

  • - Lets Users Enjoy a Sauna Session from the Comfort of Home
  • - All the Health Benefits of a Full-Sized Unit
  • - No Costly Spa or Athletic Center Membership Needed
  • - Great for Your Health
  • - Portable Design


Utility Patent - 11,147,738

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ricardo R. Nunez and Floralba M. Nunez of Pompton Lakes, NJ have created a personal steam sauna for home use.

The inspiration was born from an old tradition from the native inhabitants of the Caribbean islands. This family tradition involves a steam water vapor bath for the private delicate areas of the female body for detoxification and health-improving purposes, alongside the usage of traditional herbs and essences. Sauna sessions can boost the immune system, flush out toxins, increase circulation, relax the body, reduce chronic pain, and help lower blood pressure. Floralba thought a portable at-home sauna would be practical since not everyone can afford or make it out to a spa, resort, or athletic center. Ricardo envisioned a single user device that could be used by anyone from the neck down in order to accomplish the same healthful benefits for the entire body regardless of gender and anatomical differences. Now, the Portable Spa for One has been developed and is ready for market!

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