Portable Material Hoist

The Portable Material Hoist is a portable hoist for moving materials from the ground to a roof using a work ladder.

  • Increases Safety & Reduces Stress, Strain, Fatigue, and Injury
  • Quick Setup
  • Only One Worker Required
  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight
  • Attaches to Any Ladder


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Randy Lee of Winchester, VA has created a portable hoist for moving materials from the ground to a roof using a work ladder.

Repeated trips up and down a ladder with tools, material, and equipment is quite a task. Not only does it put stress and strain on a users back and legs due to all the climbing, it also increases the risk for falling, since a users center of gravity is moved away from the ladder. Inventor Lee has been working in roofing since the mid-eighties and has been carrying, by hand, entire roofs up a ladder. He knew there had to be a more portable solution that could be used on any extension ladder and then be put away, not taking up much space. It took him first working manually and then buying an expensive ladder lift, to finally coming up with his own solution - the Portable Material Hoist!

Now users wont have to climb up and down a ladder while holding heavy materials. This greatly increases safety and reduces stress, strain, fatigue, and injury. Setup is quick. Only one worker is required. The hoist is sturdy yet lightweight. It attaches to any ladder. Want to learn more? Contact us NOW to learn about manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for this important labor tool!


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