Porch Pirate Package Protector

A simple and effective way to secure delivered packages in an unattended location.

  • Small, Durable Ball is Attached When Initially Processing the Order
  • Upon Delivery, Delivery Person Slides the Ball onto A Matching Locking Rod
  • with Locking Mechanism
  • Only the Occupant Has the Ability to Unlock the Ball from the Locking Rod
  • Lock Resets for Future Deliveries
  • Can Be Used at Residential and Business Locations
  • Durable Ball Assembly Available in Varying Sizes to Accommodate Package Size


Utility Patent - 11,585,124

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffry E. Fickling of Mission Viejo, CA has developed a simple and unobtrusive way to secure delivered packages in an unattended location.

With the increase in online shopping, the problem of opportunistic porch thefts is becoming more frequent. In fact, package theft costs shippers, carriers, and customers billions of dollars each year. The stress of not knowing whether your package will be there when you get home can be maddening. And so, Jeffry was inspired to find a way for his packages to arrive at his doorstep without having to worry a thief would remove his personal property. He knew the device needed to be convenient, inconspicuous, dependable, and fairly inexpensive. It also needed to be easy to use for both for the delivery person and the home or business owner. In turn, he created the Porch Pirate Package Protector!

The invention is a two-part mechanism. The first part is a small, durable ball that facility workers attach when initially processing the order. When the package reaches its destination, the delivery person slides the ball onto the second part, a matching locking rod with an integral locking mechanism. They can then securely fasten the locking rod onto a nearby fixed object like a railing, banister, or any heavy object that cannot be moved easily. When the owners arrive home or to a place of business, they simply use a key or combination to open the lock, retrieve the package or packages, reset the lock, and the device is ready to receive future deliveries.

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