Pop-Top Can Opener

Easy opening of pull-tab beverage cans!

  • Saves Fingernails from Hard to Open Can Tabs
  • Fun to Use
  • For Use on All Types of Beverages
  • Can Be Customized with Teams, Colleges, Organizations, and More
  • Great for Kids Too


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Carlon Davenport of Las Vegas, NV has created a device to assist in the opening of pull tabs on beverage cans.

Throughout the years, there were many times when his sisters or friends would pass Carlon their aluminum cans for him to open the tab for them. Usually, it was because their long fingernails were preventing them from getting it open themselves. One day, Carlon devised a simple way for anyone to open a pop tab without assistance. Now, his Pop-Top Can Opener has been further developed and is ready for market!

The invention resembles a hockey puck in shape but will contour to almost any aluminum can. Users will simply place it on top of an unopened can. Pressing down on the top will trigger a plunger mechanism inside to pop the tab open. The Pop-Top is then removed so the beverage can be enjoyed. Not only will this be a must-have item for those will long nails, but also children, the elderly, or those with agility and ability challenges. This product will also be a great promotional item for companies or organizations wanting to promote their brand.

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