With Poop-N-Scoot, bending over to pick up pet waste is a thing of the past!

  • Placed Beneath Animal in An Open and Extended State
  • Catches Droppings Before They Even Touch the Ground
  • Easy To Carry
  • More Sanitary
  • Lightweight, Sturdy, Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David R. Draper of Peru, IL has created a pole supported disposable bag for collecting pet droppings before they hit the ground. Getting outside with your pet just got easier and more enjoyable!

One task associated with walking a dog is cleaning up their pet waste along the way. Although a walk can add real pleasure to your day, picking up their droppings is not something anyone wants to do. The idea was born while walking his dog, Buddy, and trying to respect the property of others by not leaving pet waste behind. Initially, David would hold a bag underneath Buddy with his hands to collect the mess. But he just knew there had to be a better, more sanitary way. In turn, he was inspired to develop Poop-N-Scoot!

While holding the handle, the invention is placed beneath the hindquarters of your dog in an open and extended state. The bag will catch the droppings before they even touch the ground! Once your dog has completed their bathroom duties, the bag is removed and then sealed for proper disposal. No longer will you have to bend over and deal with the mess.

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