Pool Pump Air Release

An air release and pump primer that attaches to a swimming pool pump lid.

  • Ensures Proper Operation of a Pump and Balance of a Filtration System
  • Helps in Priming a Pool Pump with a Push of a Button
  • Only 1 Person Needed for Vacuuming
  • Improves Circulation Meaning Less Chemicals are Needed
  • Pool Pump Runs More Efficiently Reducing Energy Cost and Wear & Tear on Equipment
  • For Use with New Pool Pumps or As an Add-On for An Existing Pool Pump


Utility Patent #10,883,493

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jayson Walden of Clarksville, TN has created an air release and pump primer that attaches to a swimming pool pump lid.

As is common with most swimming pools, the pump and filter are located on or near the ground. With this type of installation, it makes it nearly impossible for one person to vacuum the pool. Walden would have to get out of the pool and try to prime the pump and then get back into the pool and try again. He would have to do this multiple times until the air was gone. In turn, to help this process along, Inventor Walden developed the Pool Pump Air Release!

The invention will be used in conjunction with a swimming pool pump and filter. Should air be trapped in the pump housing or the strainer assembly, a user would simply press the actuation button to release the unwanted air. Downward pressure would be held until water begins to exit the device, and then the button would be released, sealing it. This innovative new method will ensure proper operation of a pump and balance of a filtration system. It will lower the overall cost of using a filter, reduce wear and tear on equipment, and save energy costs. Whats more, the invention will help in priming a pool pump with a push of the button. It will also help with vacuuming, something that used to be a two-person job until now! A larger version to use on/add to sand filters is possible as well.

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