Pocket Full of Roses

A new onesie design featuring an innovative built-in pocket for a tidy way to store the onesie until it can be cleaned.

  • Water-Resistant Pocket
  • Quick and Mess-Free
  • No Extra Bags Needed
  • Comfortable and Stylish
  • Must-Have for Conscience Moms


Design Patent - D1,005,642

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Erica Bow-Gottschalk of Culver City, CA has designed a new onesie that features an innovative built-in pocket for a tidy way to store the onesie until it can be cleaned.

As a mom of two and a full-time nurse, it often felt like Erica was constantly cleaning kids and running out the door forgetting little things. When a baby gets messy, parents need a fast and easy way to take off a onesie, while keeping their diaper bag, their car, and the baby clean without having to remember to bring an extra bag. In turn, Erica was inspired to create Pocket Full of Roses! Her new onesie idea helps keep things clean when so much of her day is messy.

Now, when a onesie becomes soiled, you can simply flip it inside out into the water-resistant pocket on the backside of the onesie. The lip of the pocket is used to close it, creating a self-contained way to store the garment when you are away from home. No longer will you have to carry around plastic bags for messy clothes. Now your baby will stay clean, you will stay clean, and your car and diaper bag will stay clean! Plus, it is an eco-friendly solution that is both comfortable and stylish.

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