PM Prop and PM Impeller

A prop and impeller with enhanced properties.

  • Provided with Integrated Wear Ring
  • Guarantees a Higher Level of Jet Ski Performance Over A Longer Period of Time
  • Safety Prop Protects Humans and Wildlife from the Hazards of an Open Prop
  • Prevents Premature Failures
  • Reduces Repair Frequency


Utility Patent #10,399,653

Story Behind the Invention

Watercraft like boats and jet skis are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Jet skis, however, suffer from propulsion issues due to a sacrificial wear ring which causes poor performance and expensive repair. Boats have an underwater hazard that can wound and kill wildlife and people. But now there is the PM Prop and PM Impeller to help address these issues!

The idea was born while repairing a jet pump with a new wear ring. The wear ring was so tight it would spin with the impeller. The inventor repairs and dismantles all sorts of machines and is always looking for engineering flaws to improve. After all, anything that is a consistent problem has to do with engineering. In turn, he was inspired to develop the PM Prop and PM Impeller!

The wear ring has been integrated with the pm impeller, so performance will be maintained during its lifespan. The pm prop is a safety prop which protects humans and wildlife from the hazards of an open prop. These features have been successfully tested and now they are ready for market!

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