Play Tray

An activity tray for young children.

  • Designed to Entertain and Educate Your Child
  • Can Be Fastened or Secured to Any High Chair
  • Prevents Toys from Falling Off
  • Gives Parents Hands-Free Time
  • Various Styles Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Trisha Fowler of Canada has created a new high chair activity tray for young children.

As every parent knows, keeping children entertained at the table can be a challenge. Trishas daughter loved being at the table with everyone from a very young age, but would get bored in her high chair and eventually start screaming. Every meal was a race to eat quickly! Trisha would give her toys to entertain her, but they always ended up on the floor just as fast as she got them. She wished the toys could somehow be attached. The Play Tray was her solution.

Not only will the invention entertain and educate young children, but it will also allow parents time to eat, clean up dinner, or do activities at the table such as paperwork, puzzles, board games, and more. Various styles are possible. Activities may be adapted to attract the attention of the child using color, movement, light, sound, touch, or any combination thereof.

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