Plastic Dispensing System for Intra-Nasal Use

A spray delivery device for administering emergency drugs like naloxone, or any medication dispensed via the nasal cavity.

  • Two Reservoirs, Two Doses
  • Easy to Carry
  • Essential Data Included
  • Red Label or Vial Recommended for Emergencies
  • Saves Lives


Utility Patent #11,039,982

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and Doctor of Pharmacy, Suzanne L. Spurr, Pharm.D., located in Maryland, has created a two-stage spray delivery device for administering emergency drugs like Naloxone, so those in need can get fast help.

This life-saving innovation was born out of frustration with the pharmaceutical market pricing for the antidote Naloxone. Spurrs mission is to provide a lower cost alternative to current Naloxone products. This will increase availability and save lives until the affected persons want to seek treatment.

Pharmacists are trained in medications, devices, disease states, and more. Spurr used her knowledge base to construct a device that is effective, safer (no needles), extremely easy to use, and sized for pocket carry so addicts will be more likely to carry it. Most importantly, her device is also strong enough to treat most fentanyl overdoses.

The invention is provided with a snap-off one-time cap that twists to open, and a applicator tip. The vial body consists of two reservoirs, equaling one total dose, separated by a bicuspid valve. This limits the dose, per compression, to roughly half of the vials contents. The first spray delivers approximately 0.5ml of Naloxone and the second delivers the remaining solution to the other nostril. Standard instructions would be provided. The device comes in packages of two vials.

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