Pipe Organ Doorbell

An innovative new doorbell alternative.

  • Uses Principles of a Pipe Organ to Produce A Sonorous Sound
  • Generates an Authentic Sound Made from Wind
  • Length of Play Time is Set Via a Dial on the Relay
  • Can Be Wall Mounted or Set on a Shelf or Bureau
  • Great Conversation Piece


Utility Patent #10,846,998

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephan R. Hewitt of Canada has created an air operated pipe organ doorbell. This innovative new doorbell alternative will make a beautiful addition to any living room, stairway, or corridor.

Conceived and fabricated at the Trappist Monastery of Rogersvilles machine shop, the Pipe Organ Doorbell is one of a kind. Unlike many doorbells on the market that produce an artificial electronic sound, the invention generates an authentic sound made from wind using the same principal as a pipe organ. This is achieved through pressurized air that is delivered to a copper or metal organ pipe, which produces a deep, full sound upon exiting. To obtain the most sonorous sound possible, an adjustment screw at the bottom of the unit will regulate the speed of the blower. The length of time the pipe plays can be set via a dial on the relay inside the base of the unit. The unit plugs into a normal outlet and can either be wall mounted, or it can be set on a shelf or bureau.

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