Pinch Hitter Accessory

A one hitter bong pipe.

  • - Combines Two Products into One
  • - Delivers an Efficient, Cleaner, Filtered Burn through the Water
  • - Less Continuous Burn After Use
  • - Prevents Waste
  • - Easily Portable


Design Patent - D950,143

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Donald Adams of N. Las Vegas, NV has designed an innovative new one hitter bong pipe.

Although a water bong is his preferred method to smoke, Donald always hated having to load more material than desired just to get a good burn. After his dose of smoke was taken, the material would continue to smolder, wasting a rather expensive product! He then turned to the modern one hitter for its ease and efficiency. He attempted to hold the one hitter base in the bowl to get the best of both worlds, but this was clumsy and made it hard to get a good seal. The idea then occurred to him to machine a new one hitter that functioned the same as a traditional one hitter but fit securely into a water bong. Now, his Pinch Hitter Accessory has been developed and is ready for market!

This innovative new water bong accessory takes the place of the removable bowl and instead features a pipe that holds a lesser amount of smokable product. It functions the same as a traditional one hitter but fits securely into a water bong. Once in place, it will deliver an efficient, cleaner, filtered burn through the water. The invention was created to burn less product, while still providing a more than satisfactory hit, pull, or drag.

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