Pill Hopper

An innovative new organization and storage system for those who take multiple medications or supplements daily.

  • Vertically Aligns Medications and Supplements
  • Eliminates the Clutter of Different Bottles
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Whiteboard for Labeling the Contents and Dosage
  • Connect as Many Hoppers as Needed


Design Patent - D987,981

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cassie Lapp of Morganton, NC has designed a convenient new organization and storage system for those who take multiple medications or supplements daily.

As a mother and a health enthusiast, Cassie found the process of taking all her supplements frustrating. She would forget to take them or would mix up a dosage. It was also aggravating because vitamin packs did not always have exactly what she wanted. Like many, she likes being in control and wants to choose the best of each supplement she takes. In addition, the process of opening, tilting, pouring, counting, and closing different bottles several times a day was time consuming and monotonous. Remembering the dosage/timing of so many different supplements was almost impossible and reading the instructions every time took even more time. Filling up weekly pill organizers doesn't actually save any time; it just lumps most of the time spent into one precious evening. Plus, pill bottles take up a lot of room and not all supplements have childproof lids, which is dangerous. With these things in mind, Cassie was inspired to create the Pill Hopper!

The invention allows you to maximize space by vertically aligning medications or supplements, while eliminating the clutter of different bottles. No longer will you have to waste time opening multiple bottles each day. Quickly fill the device with an entire bottle of your chosen medication or supplement at one time. Each individual hopper connects to the next one. Connect as many hoppers as needed by you or your family. A whiteboard has been incorporated so you can label the contents and dosage. You are then ready to start your new and improved daily routine! Simply open the lower front hatch and remove your daily dose from as many hoppers as needed.

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