Phuck It Rydes

A dynamometer-style testing device for motorcycles.

  • Functions Like a Dynamometer for Cars
  • Realistic Operation of a Motorcycle, While It Remains Stationary in A Repair Environment
  • Motorcycle Can Be Tested, Diagnosed, Adjusted, and Repaired While It Operates at Speed
  • Also Great for Evaluating and Diagnosing Balance Problems


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Nicholas S. Thiele of Pueblo, CO and Vernon M. Greager of Colorado Springs, CO have created a dynamometer-style testing device for motorcycles.

When dealing with cars, a dynamometer is used to test the engine, transmission, and drive train under actual usage conditions while the vehicle remains stationary. Issues like vibrations, noise, and mechanical interferences can then be easily detected, while the vehicle is operating under full load conditions, in a manner that would be impossible should the vehicle be moving. Unfortunately, a diagnostic tool like this was not available for motorcycles. And so, Inventors Thiele and Greager were inspired to create one. Phuck It Rydes was their solution.

The invention allows for the realistic operation of a motorcycle at speed, while the motorcycle remains stationary in a repair environment. Now a motorcycle can be tested, diagnosed, adjusted, and even repaired while it operates at speed, but remains stationary. Even problems with balance can now be diagnosed and evaluated for repair.

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