Reduce the chance of dropping your phone or forgetting where you put it!

  • Located in the Underarm Region
  • Phone Clips to Pocket’s Inner Loop
  • Angled Pocket Zips Closed for Complete Protection
  • Provides Easy Access Whether Sitting or Mobile
  • Great for Shirts or Hoodies


Design Patent #D841,292

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Douglas N. Vance of Tooele, UT has created an innovative pocket for holding and protecting ones mobile phone.

These days, our phones are a necessity. However, constant handling also means our phones are continually being dropped, sat on, or left behind. So, if you are one of the 382 million cell phone users in the United States, and you are getting tired of juggling your phone and would like the convenience of using both hands for activities again, Inventor Vance has created Phone-e-pockets for you!

The pocket will be located in the underarm region. Users will don the shirt, unzip the angled pocket, hook a flexible cord to their phone, and clip it to the pockets inner loop, which secures it to the shirt. The angled pocket will zip closed for complete protection. This would make a great addition to shirts or hoodies!

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