Phoenix Tier

A tire rim assembly that allows for automatic deployment of traction aids.

  • • Perfect for Any Weather Climate
  • • Must-Have for Muddy Slick Roads or Snow and Ice
  • • For Tires of All Sizes
  • • Strong and Durable
  • • Simple to Manufacture


Utility Patent - 11,912,062

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Alex Suliman, Amjad Suliman, and Moyed Suliman of Newark, OH have created a tire rim assembly that allows for automatic deployment of traction aids when needed.

Bad weather can cause roads to become extremely slick in a matter of minutes and without warning. Extremely muddy roads can cause drivers a lot of difficulty, too. Although plowing the snow from roads and applying salt can help, in most cases, it is impossible to keep up with the weather and the roads are left in an unsafe condition. Inventors Suliman just knew there had to be a better way. Inspired by a sci-fi movie, they developed the Phoenix Tier!

The invention features a series of hydraulic arms inside the rim assembly. When actuated by a dash mounted switch or an automatic system that senses loss of vehicle traction, the arms push semicircular plates outward on the interior of the tire. These plates engage spikes that protrude from the tire, thus improving traction. The invention is perfect for use in cold weather climates with frequent ice and snow, or in areas where dirt roads quickly become muddy and slick. When no longer needed, the hydraulic arms simply retract until needed again.

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