Philly Goat Sweep Stick

One tool that revolutionizes roofing clean up!

  • Designed to Pull Nails and Sweep Debris During Roofing Tear Offs
  • Easy Removal of Existing Nails
  • Then Picks Up Nails from Grass, Flower Beds, or Paved Areas
  • Ergonomically Friendly to Use
  • No Bending Required


Utility Patent - 11,690,442

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephen P. Jensen of Silt, CO has created a push broom designed to pull nails and sweep debris, especially during roofing tear offs.

As a roofer for over twenty years, Stephen has done countless tear offs and would encounter the same problem every time. You tear the mass of shingles and tar paper off with steel toothed tear off tools and then go over it with a broom to clean and prepare the deck surface for dry material. However, as soon as you put the tear off tool down and start to sweep, you will find a nail head sticking up. Stephen thought it would be super slick to just be able to pull that nail when you find it with the broom in your hand. In turn, he developed the Philly Goat Sweep Stick!

Simply use the broom as you would a normal push broom to sweep. When needed, you can then flip the broom over to access a metal nail removal plate with a saw-tooth style top edge. You will then slide the plate under a nail head and lift up on the handle from a standing position to remove the nail. Strong magnets on the forward-facing edge of the broom allow for easy pickup of nails from the property no bending required!

Want to learn more? Be the first to contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities! The Philly Goat Sweep Stick is sure to revolutionize roofing clean up!


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