Pet Paw Wash

A portable, no-spill, user-friendly device for cleaning dirty paws!

  • Manually Operated
  • Soft Internal Brushes
  • Weighted Base Prevents Tipping
  • Removable Lid with Water-Tight Seal
  • Easy to Empty, Clean, and Transport


Utility Patent - 11,503,804

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Katherine L. MacPherson of Canada has created a portable, no-spill, user-friendly device for cleaning dirty paws!

With two large dogs at home, Katherine was well aware that cleaning dirty paws was quite a task. Using a bucket of water was never convenient, as it would often spill all over the place. This method was also very time consuming. After years of struggling to properly clean their paws, she just knew there had to be an easier way. In turn, she developed the Pet Paw Wash!

To begin, simply add water and a small amount of pet shampoo to the device and insert your pets paw through the top opening. You will then manually activate the inventions internal soft brushes that rotate around until the paw is clean. The invention has a weighted base that prevents tipping and a removable lid with a water-tight seal. It is also easy to empty, clean, and transport.

Want to learn more? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities. The Pet Paw Wash will be a game-changer for all pet parents!


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