Perfect Paddle Pro

A paddle-shaped drink holder for carrying up to 11 beverages with ease.

  • Two Different Hole Sizes Accommodate Different Sized Drinks
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Waterproof
  • No More Messy Spills or Dirty Fingers in Your Drink
  • Must-Have for the Pool and Beach
  • Various Colors and Styles Possible


Design Patent - D981,798

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kimberly E. Nash of Canada has designed a paddle-shaped drink holder for carrying up to 11 beverages with ease.

As a travel enthusiast, Kimberly found it easier to go back-and-forth from the bar to the pool or beach with a paddle to hold drinks. This way she could transport more than one beverage at a time. It also kept her from spilling drinks or putting her fingers inside the cups as she carried them. Using a paddle like this was very handy and convenient no matter where she was. She could even use it to serve the kids ice cream. In turn, Kimberly was inspired to further develop the paddle and bring it to market!

The Perfect Paddle Pro is a paddle with two different hole sizes to accommodate different sized drinks. Now users will be able to go back-and-forth more easily from the kitchen or bar to the pool, beach, or wherever necessary to serve beverages. The paddle is easy to carry! No more messy spills or dirty fingers in your drink! It is lightweight, compact, and waterproof. Various colors and styles are possible.

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  1. Kelly Barnes

    Very happy with my purchase for serving friends and family! Also serving drinks and ice cream at my daughters birthday. Thank you

  2. Kim Nash

    I will never travel without my paddle again. It is so convenient. Less trips to the bar. ????

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