Perfect Cord

An extension cord with multiple outlets located along the length of the cord.

  • Convenient and Practical
  • Uncluttered, Organized, Clean Appearance
  • Discourages Overloading Cord with Too Much Wattage
  • Easy to Manufacture
  • Great for Lamps, Electronics, Phone Chargers, Power Tools, and More


Design Patent #D864,116

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lauren E. Martin of Bella Vista, AR has designed an extension cord with multiple outlets located along its length.

Martin quickly became frustrated trying to plug lamps and various appliances into a single extension cord. It seemed like every appliance had a different cord length, so when one item would reach the extension cord, the others would not. With all outlets at one end of the extension cord, Martin was forced to have her appliances bunched close together. Clearly, this was not preferable. She wished the cord had outlets stretched out along its length. She would then be able to have the lamps and appliances spread out and she wouldnt have to move or unplug anything. In turn, she designed the Perfect Cord!

This convenient and practical solution will prevent frustration and keep users from overloading a cord with too much wattage. It will also reduce the number of extension cords needed, thereby offering an uncluttered, organized, and clean look. It is like adding outlets along the wall of a room! This will be ideal for plugging in lamps, electronics, phone chargers, and even power tools in the garage!

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