Now you can put a light display on your home once and change the display all throughout the year!

  • Easily Installs on the Eaves of your Home
  • Programmed Via Mobile App
  • Displays Colors, Graphics, and Letters for Holidays and Events of Your Choice
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Plugs Right into Your Home's Power Supply


Utility Patent - 10,957,284

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kristi N. of Colorado has created a programmable holiday display that can stay up all throughout the year!

One January, Kristi and her husband were waiting for a weekend that was warm enough to safely take down the Christmas lights. Eventually, a warm weekend arrived and everyone in town used the opportunity to take their lights down. The neighborhoods suddenly looked dark and depressing. That made Kristi wonder why nobody puts up lights for other holidays like Valentine's Day or Halloween. Of course, the answer was obvious: that would be too much work. It occurred to her that if there was some kind of LED display you could attach to your house once and personalize throughout the year, you could celebrate a lot of different holidays and events.

Kristi developed PereniLights: connectible, flexible, LED strips that are easily installed on the eaves of your home and programmed via a mobile app to display colors, graphics, and letters for holidays, events, and festivities of your choice. There is no need to get up on a ladder to change displays. PereniLights can stay up all year long, and since it plugs right into your home's power supply, it can be turned on and off with minimal effort.

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