Peek A Boo Shades

Obtain more light without bothering anyone else!

  • Lamp Shade with Horizontal Blinds
  • No Need to Remove or Tilt Shade
  • Light is Directed with Blinds
  • Great Nightlight or Intimate Light for a Mood Setting
  • Perfect for the Home and Fantastic for Hotels


Utility Patent #10,584,844

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patricia A. Parrillo of New Port Richey, FL has created an adjustable lamp shade. Now users will be able to obtain more light without bothering anyone else!

With dark lamp shades in her home, Inventor Parrillo was constantly tilting the shades, removing them, or putting something under the lights to see. While reading in bed one night, she actually cut a small flap on the bottom of a shade and tilted it downward to shine on her book. Just like sun through a window, the light could be directed with the blind. Not only was this convenient while reading or writing, Parrillo realized it would also make a great nightlight or just a little intimate light for a mood setting. In turn, she created the Peek A Boo Shades!

This clever new invention is a lamp shade with horizontal blinds on each opposite side. While ideal for all homes, this product would also be fantastic for hotels. Instead of two lamps all you would need is one equipped with the shade. If your roommate is sleeping, just open the blinds on your side!

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