Pedal Socks

Drive in comfort without footwear!

  • - Easy to Apply
  • - Padded
  • - Reversable
  • - Washable
  • - Drivers Will Still Be Able to Feel the Pedals Under their Feet
  • - Especially Great for Long-Distance Truck Drivers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Paul Whittaker of Canada has created an easy-to-apply padded covering for the foot pedal of a car or truck. Now long-distance truck drivers, those with long commutes, ladies in high heels, and even daily drivers will be able to drive in comfort without footwear, while still being able to feel the pedals under their feet.

As a truck driver, Paul found footwear extremely uncomfortable after hours and hours on the road. Driving barefoot or in socks helped, but the hard plastic pedals would eventually start aggravating his feet. He realized many other drivers were also dealing with this and just knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, he developed Pedal Socks!

The invention is a comfortable covering for a foot pedal. Each cover is padded and reversible. Each covering can also be personalized. When needed, they are able to be washed and slipped right back on before a driver sets out again.

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