Patient Moving Aid

A no-lift moving aid that promotes the safe manual transferring of patients.

  • - Easy to Use
  • - Reduces Risk of Caregiver Injuries from Overexertion
  • - Maximizes Safety, Security, and Comfort While Transferring
  • - Successfully Tested
  • - Must-Have for Caregivers and Medical Staff


Design Patent #D904,937

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor CG of Brooklyn, NY has designed a no-lift moving aid that promotes the safe manual transferring of patients.

While working as a certified nursing assistant, CG interacted with hundreds of patients over the years. During that time of employment, some of the patients were ambulatory and others were bed bound. Meeting the physical demands of turning, lifting, and transferring patients was very difficult, but at the time, there was no other way. Working privately was rewarding but made these tasks even harder. CG just knew there had to be another way to move a patient without the person sliding off the pad. In turn, she developed the Patient Moving Aid!

This no-lift moving aid will reduce the risk of caregiver injuries from overexertion. At the same time, it maximizes safety, security, and comfort for patients. The aid has been successfully tested and now it is ready for market!

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